Woke up from my dream and signed up for a Modern Calligraphy class online.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Woke up from a wedding-related dream haha i can't exactly remember what happened but somehow the moment I woke up i was fumbling around for my phone and searching for modern calligraphy classes and i found one on Introduction to the art of Modern Calligraphy (I) by Molly Jacques and swiftly paid for the class!

Since Leon will not be around much next month (every single week he will be gone for at least 4 days and back from Mon-Wed then there he goes again), I don't want to be sitting around alone at home watching american TV shows until my brain rot so yay! heading to Art Friend after work to grab some calligraphy supplies! :D

Lol I'm probably going to be horrible at it since my normal handwriting is already freaking ugly, yes like truly UGLY. But oh wells, at least I'm giving it a shot. hehe IF (that's a huge if) it goes well i might even be able to put my calligraphy skills to good use for the wedding!

Last week before meeting some friends for a food tasting session at PARK @ Holland Village, I went by Art Friend to pick up my 1st set of calligraphy supplies! 

Obviously not the most consistent writing ever! haha

Spent couple of hours practicing my ABCs and spilled 1/3 of a jar of calligraphy ink all over my leg + table + floor. Sooooo clumsy!

Practice Practice, Practice!

Haze = Aging + Wrinkles! ):

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ugh the haze has been pretty horrible isn't it, haze + dry spell = making everyone sick.
I've been sick for awhile now and I'm still coughing after 2 weeks. Sigh ):
But thank god it isn't like last year when it was this bad, remember this?!

Eeeewwww I remember last year when the haze was so bad i didn't want to go out at all, just wanted to stay home and stay clean and away from this pollution, but since Leon and I are prepping for our pre-wedding photoshoot in May, we've very recently starting a fitness regime with Reactiv so far it's been alot of fun although it's quite xiong for us - both pretty unfit potato couches but we have just got to continue pushing ourselves and I'm sure it'll get easier!

But my point is, that we've been exercising outdoors and all and i can't help but imagine all the disgusting dust and smoke in this haze lodging and setting IN our very pores!!! And the weather being so hot and dry is making my skin feel slightly itchy all the time too.

Are you aware that the combination of the smoke particles and UV rays create free radicals - which are molecules that affect skin cells and speed up signs of aging such as WRINKLES!!!


Feeling like i really need to have every single pore on my face thoroughly clean to purge and detox my skin from all this pollutants from this haze. Made my appointment at Phoenix La Beaute to do their Classic Phoenix Facial!

This facial is the BEST for us oily skinned girls as they use these products during the facial that are specially targeted to deeply purify and cleanse, sooooo essential for this hazy period.

What i love about this treatment is also that it's really hydrating and it feels especially amazing this time round because my skin has been feeling slightly parched and itchy from this dry spell (faster rain!! So stuffy and hot everyday!)

She did half of my face with the diamond micro-dermabration machine and half my face is visibly brighter instantly!

I always feel very happy when it comes to extractions lol, i feel like I'm the queen of whitehead/blackhead and although extractions always hurt a little, but at least I'm leaving it to the professionals to get rid of all the icky blemishes and all and the results is squeaky clean skin from deep within yay!

Feeling so pampered with the relaxing facial + neck + décolleté massage. I always fall asleep from this relaxing massage. do you know that The anti-aging secret to smoother and glowier skin isn't at the bottom of a jar? But it's at your fingertips- facial massage to stimulate the blood circulation! Or in this case, my facial therapist's fingertips at Phoenix La Beaute! (:

You can try the above Phoenix Classic Facial Treatment at a trial price of $38 (U.P $280)!

Woots! 1st 20 to redeem the promotion will receive a free Microdermabrasion worth $100.

  Call 67334556 to make your appointment and quote “FIDELIS” to redeem the promotional price 
 or SMS: Fidelis, Name, I/C to 8160 3888
Promotion only valid till 31st March 2014

T + C: First time customer age 21 and above. Resident in Singapore with valid NRIC or passes, Prices quoted without GST. Not valid with other discounts or promotion


390 Orchard Road #03-01 Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871

Bye Ms Petroholic, you'll always be my 1st. MuaaaMuaaaaack! )':

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sigh, it's been a sad sad saaaaaaaaad day for me.

It started from the day before when I was turning out of my office heading to a blogger's event at Sentosa but there was this MASSIVE jam, like really massive - turning out of my office area to the main road took a whole 30 minutes already!

Then i saw it, my poor Ms Petroholic started smoking like crazy from the car hood!!!

It was really scary and I didn't know what to do! Total bimbotic moment but luckily i was at the side of the road so i stopped and got out of the car and starting making calls to Leon + my usual car workshop and they advised me not to open the car hood (aiyah please i wouldn't know how to do that also LOL) and since my water temp gauge was still in the normal range he advised that i drive over to the car workshop which was not too far away and they will check it for me, so i drove and was stuck in the jam for the longest time, it is DAMN scary to drive while your car is smoking like nobody's business!!!

Then after an hour or so of being stuck in the damn jam (i turned off the engine cos it seems like the temp gauge was getting higher to cool it off since i'm stuck in the jam and not moving anyway) then i wouldn't start at all. ):

Called the tow company to come get my car and now i was in the middle lane, too scared to get out of the car, stupid buses keep zooming pass my car so quickly one time this bloody SBS bus actually bang on the side my car! Too shocked to react also, sitting in a bloody smoking car, soooo scared that my car is gonna implode or whatever crap, and then people starting thinking I was the cause of the damn jam and rudely honk at me like crazy, didn't dare to use my phone because i was so scared my phone battery would go flat and i won't be able to contact the tow company or leon.

So all in all i just sat in the car doing nothing but freaking out that my car will suddenly explode or whatever for 2hours15mins until Leon came to "save" me (he couldn't come earlier as he was in the middle of a property viewing) and then the tow truck came shortly! Tssssssssk.

Bloody hell waited so long and so damn scared! 

Went home while the tow truck sent my car to the workshop and felt so sad and uneasy all night, guess i kinda knew that my car is going to die on me. ):

So after the car workshop did some diagnostics they found that my engine block has cracked or something, previously since we got this car, not mentioning maintenance, we spent 1k plus one repairs, then did another check and change this change that which cost $700+, early last year my car broke down in the middle of the road too and i had to do an engine overhaul which cost me about 2.3k, and in December we spent another 2k+ on repairs once again (leon was super sweet and he helped me with the repair payment partially!) and now 3 months later this time they said that the repairs would cost 3k+ but my Chevy is literally "disintegrating" and slowly dying and it's for sure that it would need alot more repairs and yet it will still keep dying on the road and they recommended that we scrap the car although it's still left with 2 years.

Sigh, I really am depressed that I'm losing my Ms Petroholic. ):

She was my 21st birthday present and everyone knows it as the Riri car and always joke that it's not for humans to sit but for Rilakkuma(s) because i have a shitload of Rilakkuma in there riding with me while i drive everywhere. Even though she never have really felt very "me" being black and all but she was still mine. ):

Ask anyone who usually drive to go without cars it's so mad depressing! I haven't taken the bus and train like since i'm 21 (except when i'm overseas of course) call me pampered or whatever but OMGGGGGGG I'M SOOOOO SAAAAAAADDDDD. 

I even cried a little when i was clearing out my car content into leon's car to bring home my stuff because i kept thinking of Ms Petroholic going to the scrapyard and getting all squished and dead. ):

Yah i know it's a car, tsssssssk but I'm sentimental to everything down to my Rilakkuma car keys holder not to mention my darling car that have brought me everywhere for the past 2.5 years. The plan was to drive it all the way till 2016 when it's 10 years is up and then we'll scrap it, by then leon and i would have our own home and we can share a car, but i'm just not so prepared to lose it so quickly.

Sigh, sorry for the the excessive ): emoticons. 
Need to rant and let out all my sadness if not I'll be sulking all week. 

To end this on a positive note, Thank god Leon is so awesome to let me have his car while he's away touring and he also said that whenever he can he would send me and pick me up from work! So sweeeeeeeet! 

And my boss is so amazingly nice when i told her my poor car is getting scrapped and i would be driving Leon's car to work sometimes and she arranged to change my workplace season parking to his car plate so soon so i could drive to work today and not worry about parking!

Bye Ms Petroholic, you'll always be my 1st. MuaaaMuaaaaack!  )':

Are you a low maintenance kind of girl? I definitely am!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I literally CANNOT remember the last time i needed a haircut because my stylist Isabel from Shunji Matsuo always give me these really lasting hair cut that amazingly, even after 4-6months without trimming it still maintains a good shape and i'm still able to style it well and all. So awesome for low hair maintenance girls like me!

Went to Shunji Matsuo to get my hair dyed and decided to snip off a small chunk of my damaged bleached ends so my hair looks fresh and pretty before Nadnut's wedding. Anyway i still have 8+ months to keep my hair longer for my wedding in November! hehe

Tabao-ed sushi lunch so i can nomnom while i get my hair "prettified" by Isabel hehe

Decided to go for a darker pink-brown this time round with the Shiseido colors! 

 Isabel recommended the Shiseido color because it brings out this shine and gloss of the hair after the coloring which is very rare and good to have obviously hehe who doesn't love shiny glossy hair?!

Leon joined me later in the afternoon because he wanted to get his hair cut by Isabel too!

As usual he is very very full of crap and cannot smile properly like a normal human. haha
Super love my hand blown curls by Isabel!! Love the soft brown color she did for me too. (:

Dropping by Island Creamery for a slab of hot apple pie + apple pie ice cream!

Leon + my freshly cut hair

For TheLuckiestChick readers, there's a 10% off Chemical services when you quote "FIDELIS" at Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon, Holland Village!

Hair Salon @ H.V.
245A Holland Avenue,
Singapore 278978
Contact them at: 6762 6088
LIKE them on Facebook
and find them on instagram too! @shunjimatsuo

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

It's Black Box 1 year anniversary!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Look that this GIANT Black Box I received during the Blogger Anniversary Party at the Green Room Cafe.

They have recently relaunched their new Black Box design, small, sleeker, but still full of awesome goodies, don't you just love the inner Black Box monogram prints? 

I know I do! #IGotMyBlackBoxSG!

It was a pretty fun night, basically visited all the booths at the event, ticked the product that i would like to try and pass my checklist to the Black Box collection area so they could pack my very own giant black box for me!

Managed to sneak in one shot with Charissa at the photobooth at the anniversary party!
hehe let's see what's in my giant Black Box!


ADORE comfort all days combo pack, which contains a mixture of sanitary napkins for days during heavy flow, medium and also light flow! Such a thoughtful product! Can't wait to try this as it claims to have 18 hours bacteria-free due the the technology and the material used since i always suffer from UTI which is crazy annoying! 

Hee Eternity Mask

I've tried one of these mask and it's those hydrogel mask with 24K gold mask! Simply love the luxe feel of this mask, my skin is instantly brightened and hydrated! Also you can simply put the used Eternity mask into hot water. The essence will melt into the water for a good extra hand/feet treatment! Hee mask can be purchased on their webstore:


This is one brand I've been hearing much about but haven't tried till recently! Ziaja originated from Poland and they are known for their simple and yet effective products and also their products are very very affordable!

The Marine Algae Deep Moisturizing Cream (not in the picture as i opened it at leon's place to use it as soon as i received it) is so awesome! And super affordable, do you know this tub of awesome spa like smelling cream is only less than $10?! Where to find! Love using this after my serum, as a hydrated cream before i apply my make up (:

Ziaja products can be purchase on their facebook e-store:


After seeing Yina's experiment at the event, you can see the experiment online too (here: i can't help but be amazed by the results! 

Because I'm wearing braces right now, i think my teeth tend to get stained easier, I tried Darlie Expert White previously but i wasn't too fond of the "baking soda" taste (if you get what i mean) but i'm liking the Darlie Expert Fresh so much more!

Star Lash

Here i see Star Lash again! They sponsored us nadnut's bridesmaid a bunch of goodies during our bridemaids Spa Session, i love their eyelash glue, total fan here, isn't the baby sized glue so adorable? 

Even thou i use my eyelash glue everyday for work, i hate it when my eyelash glue gets all dried and chocked up halfway thru the bottle like some other brand do, but with this baby sized Star lash glue, it's super sticky and awesome and it doesn't have the dried up halfway thru the bottle problem. *thumbs up!* I have like 1 of this at home and 1 of this at Leon's place hehe.

If you haven't signed up for your very own Black Box full of wonderful samples 
(which is FREE btw)

All you have to do is sign up at then about 1 month before the next edition of black box is released, (the next edition would be in April as it is a bi-monthly sampling box), Black box will email you a link to go ballot for your free black box, 

If you're lucky and have successfully balloted for your box, then at the end of April, your very own Black Box will be couriered to your doorstep! (:

Check out their video below!

L+F Wedding: Our "beauty" prep starting 9 months before our big day at Trinity Medical Center!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Last thursday after work, I took a short drive to Parkway Parade (just 15 mins from my work place!) and Leon and I had a consultation session with Dr Kan at Trinity Medical Center (Marine Parade).

We do go for monthly facials at our preferred salon but we were thinking of doing IPL treatments for our overall dull skin and for myself my enlarged pores over my nose and cheek area, pimple scars has always been an issue that really annoyed me but i didn't really know what to do about it.

After sharing with Dr kan our concerns and that we wanted to try out IPL treatments

She used what she called her "照妖镜" (hahaha she's so humorous I love her already), and "scanned" my face with it, omg and I have so much pigmentation spots -that i didn't even know was there!!


I always thought that because of my tanned complexion I would be "sparred" from pigmentation spots, freckles and all that but I only realized then that is so not true!!! ):

After Dr Kan explained all the effects of IPL to me I cannot wait to start the 1st treatment, I want glowy flawless complexion for the wedding!

Seriously considering doing fillers for my under-eye / eye-bag area I feel like I'm starting to have fine lines haiz 24 and aging... and also my “八字纹” aka smile lines but no choice because I love to smile!
Hahahah but perhaps nearer to our pre-wedding photo shoot and also our wedding!

Dr Kan recommended that I first do the aqua ST treatment which is this micro-dermabrasion process and it also has this cocktail infusion of hyaluronic acid for dehydrated skin which I would be doing and also something for my oily t-zone!

For the 1st session she will be doing a LOW dosage of IPL as I've never done IPL ever in my life and she does not know how my skin will react to it. And especially i was going to be nadnut's bridesmaid that weekend, can't risk having anything happen to my face now! haha

Fidel: Aqua SD is not painful at all although they warned that it could have a little "biting" sensation hehe but I think my skin is very thick and all I feel is the strong suction feel and also the cocktail infusion being absorbed by my skin.

Leon: Feels like a koi is sucking my face, it doesn't hurt at all but it cleans up your pores within minutes - it's like a facial within minutes and it's so much more efficient for busy working adults like us.

After the Aqua SD treatment, I was ushered to another treatment and to wear protective googles and the cool gel was applied on my face and here comes the IPL treatments!

Dr Kan mentioned that it will be low dosage of IPL for the 1st session and subsequently it will be most likely a combination of IPL and Laser and it should take 5-6 treatments to attain a glowy complexion and also to treat my enlarged pores and pigmentation spots!

LOL Leon's turn! Guess what is he!!!


Ahhhh Psycho!!!
Hello Noooooooossssseeeeeee!!!
Lol you see what i kinda crazy i have to put up with!

Our verdict on our 1st experience with IPL:

Fidel: doesn't hurt at all!

Leon: feels like somebody is flicking on my face gently but it doesn't hurt.

Instantly i could see that my pores actually looked cleaner and my skin much brighter! 
Just after one session and on LOW dosage of IPL, OMG?!

Now it's been about a week after the treatment and all i can say is that it's FREAKING AMAZING?!

I can visibly see that the enlarged pores around my cheek area and nose has actually shrunk. Still visible but that's totally WOW. 

 Here's me all dolled up for nadnut's wedding reception. (:

Dr Kan also recommended me to try out Laura Mercier's liquid foundation which is oil-free and she personally feels that it's great for oily-skinned girls, instead of the foundation i went to get the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Nude ($69) instead, and so far i'm really loving it! I think it gives good enough coverage and also I don't know if it's the IPL, the new makeup but i find that i've got to blot sooooo much less often and my makeup don't cake so terribly and my face stays fresh and bright even till the end of the day! 

We totally can't wait for our next session of IPL the week after! hehe

Trinity Aesthetics
+ 65 6344 0027
87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500A, Singapore 440087

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.